Thursk DuneStrider

A warrior of the DuneStrider clan of the desert dwarves. He rides a deadly Waste Scorpion.


Race: desert dwarf, Age: 31, Sex: male, Hight: 4’ 3", Weight: 200 lb
Thursk is a fairly average specimen of the Desert Dwarves. He is black skinned, hairless, and possesses a wiry, muscular build. His armor is a Modron design, although it was actually forged in the fires of Hell. His lance is Ysgardian and shaped like an enormous drill.

Barbarian(Lion Totem) 5, Fighter(Exotisist) 2, Cavelier 2
STR 20 DEX 12 CON 20 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 18
HP 133 AC 36 50% miss Initiative 10 FORT 15 REF 2 WILL 12
Full attack: Lance 19/15, 2d6+13 (4d6+15 vs arcane) damage, x4 critical, x5 on charge

Feats: mounted combat, ride by, tunnel fighting/riding, reckless charge, exotic proficiency(x4), weapon focus(lance), spirited charge, iron will, power attack

Special Abilities: +1 vs. dragons/reptiles, +4AC vs dragons, darkvision, stability, pounce, whirling frenzy 2/day,
rage 2/day, trapkiller, uncanny dodge, awesome charge, mounted weaponry(lance), war mount(mittens), dashing figure, aura of freedom

Weapons: Magebane valorous hunters lance of collision with Crystal of return (lesser), Shadowstrike jade anyblade, Wounding greatsword, Harpoon, +1 Returning shock shotput, +2 Rage gauntlet, Warning eager spiked gauntlet,
Noxious spiked kite shield

Equipment: Armorback spear saddle, Elven survival gear, Darkfire orb, Cold fire tinder box,
alchemical flare stake x10, ironhorn extract x2, tarmak warpaint
Magic Equipment: Handy haversack, Crystal of underwater action (greater), Chime of opening
Head: Helm of fury
Face: Third eye improvisation
Throat: Hand of glory
Shoulders: Armored cloak
Torso: Armor of Healing (50charges)
Body: +1 Mindarmor hellforged mithral Mechanus gear, Elven chain tabard, Assassin’s bane tunic
Waist: Healing belt
Feet: Riding boots, Masterwork spurs
Rings: Ring of anticipation, Ring of the four winds, Ring of diamond mind (novice)

Waste Scorpion
7HD large animal
STR 32 DEX 14 (16) CON 25 INT 2 (12) WIS 12 CHA 2 (8)
HP 97 AC 32 (33) Initiative 2 FORT 12 REF 7 WILL 6
Base Attack/Grapple: 5/20
Full Attack: 2 claws +16 melee (1d8 +11 +1d6 acid +1d4 fire) sting +10 melee (1d8 +5 +1d4 fire +poison)

Feats: imp. natural attack, armor proficiency, iron guard, virulent poison, deadly poison, scorpion instinct
Special Abilities: improved grab, constrict, acid claws, immune to acid, poison FortDC 22 1d4con/2d4con, improved evasion, share saving throws
Special Qualities: darkvision, tremorsense

Weapons: Rapid Wrath Claw Extenders

Collar: Collar of shrinking
Back: Cloak of the Manta Ray
Body: Spiked Chain Barding
Feet: Leg Bracers of Flame

Warbeast Helicoprion
10HD large animal
STR 23 DEX 16 CON 21 INT 1 WIS 14 CHA 2
HP 97 AC 18 Initiative 7 FORT 12 REF 10 WILL 5
Base Attack/Grapple: 7/17
Full Attack: Bite +12 melee (2d6 +8)

Feats: imp. natural attack (bite), alertness, improved initiative, track, armor proficiency
Special Abilities: frenzy (+4AC +30 speed +1 attack for 1 minute, then fatigued), lashing bite
Special Qualities: blindsense, keen scent (180ft, blood 1 mile)


Thrusk was born on Scorpion Mother Kalas, one of the ancient Treeback Scorpions that roam the deserts of Thesias.
He grew up with a large family. He has two brothers Retar (age 52) and Altaas (age 26) as well as numerous close cousins. Although he loves his family, they are a bit too much for him. He trained as a warrior in part to get away from them.
Thrusk became a caravan guard, then went on to join the Navy and served on the Revak Spelljammer. Although he is the only career soldier in the family, they all support his decision.
His tour of duty now over, Thrusk has decided to join the Delvers as a less strenuous alternative to adventuring with the Red Sand Wanderers. He is beginning to reconsider this due to a lack of funds.

Thursk is Chaotic Neutral
His soul is pledged to Hedersekat, the desert goddess of War and Scorpions
As with many dwarves, Thursk is driven by the amassing of wealth and will occasionally take foolish risks in the name of gold. He is aware of the risks of his chosen career and doesn’t fear death, but he is in no hurry to join the afterlife just yet.
His likes are gold, his scorpion, sailing WildSpace, interesting artifacts, and magical displays (that aren’t directed at him)
His dislikes are dishonest business practices, gambling, blue dragons, teleportation, and a certain pair of chaos gnomes
His hobbies are scorpion racing, archeology and hunting.

As a Cavelier Thursk must abide by the Code of Freedom, Individuality, Liberty, Retribution and Self-Defense.


Thursk DuneStrider

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