A snarky and sarcastic Artificer.


Race: human, Age: 25, Sex: female, Hight: 6’ 5", Weight: 160 lb
Umbra is a tall, thin Thesian woman. She has long dark hair worn in a loose bun and tied back with strips of leather. Her skin is incredibly fair and it has a silvery sheen to it, a strange contrast to other Thesian’s golden hued skin.

Artificer 5 Warlocke 2
STR 12 DEX 18 CON 17 INT 18 WIS 14 CHA 17
HP 51 AC 18 Initiative 4 FORT x REF x WILL x
Full attack: Eldritch blast 8, 1d6 damage, x2 critical

Feats: scribe scroll, brew potion, craft wondrous item, craft homonculi, craft arms & armor, Extraordinary artisan,
Theurgic creationist, two weapon fighting, split ray, sonic substitution, craft construct

Special Abilities: Infusions, artificer knowledge, artisan bonus, disable trap, item creation, retain essence, Invocations, Eldritch blast 1d6, Detect Magic at will

Weapons: daggers, braid blades, wands

Equipment: alchemy

Magic: Handy Haversack


to be determined…


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