Death stalks the sands of Thesias, and the beings that live there wouldn’t have it any other way. The ways of Necromancy have brought the Thesian people a thousand year period of prosperity. Because mindless undead can ceaselessly toil it allows the living to focus on more intellectual pursuits, as a result there are more Spellcasters in Thesias than the rest of the Land combined. Thesians worship Chronepsis, the Dragon of fate and death as their primary deity, despite his disinterest. The living population as of last census was 5 million. The undead are estimated to number 100 million.

Special Rules

Life and Death in Thesias



Civilized Races

Tribal Races

  • Saurian Shifter
  • Varag goblin, Bhuka goblin
  • Thri-Kreen, Scorpionfolk, Vermin lords
  • Lizardfolk,
  • Dracotaur
  • Giants

Thesian plants are never intelligent or ambulatory.
Dinosauria, Mososaurs, Icthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Pterosaurs and all forms of Arthropod make Thesias their home. Although some other animals have been introduced they don’t normally do well against the Dragon descended mega-fauna.
Magical Beasts
If it looks saurian or arthropoid it probably exists in Thesias.
Abberant life is very uncommon. Only the Avolakia, Sarlithids and Mindshredders are present in any numbers.
Thesias is where the Dragon Gods first touched the lands of the material, and their mortal ancestors are well represented.
Constructs are popular among Gnomes, but not really catching on with anyone else due to the relative ease of Necromancy.
Currently outnumber the living by approximately 20 to 1.
Outsiders, Fey and Elementals
Just as common in Thesias as any other location on the Prime Material.


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